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This is Ellen Winner’s website. Ellen is a shamanic healer and  faculty member of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies offering online workshops.  

Why Shamanism Now?

Our Western cultural paradigm is rapidly changing as we begin to lessen the grip of old mechanistic, reductionist models of reality.

You are likely to have heard the “new” paradigm expressed in words like:

“Every part of the universe is alive and aware —

capable of instant communication with any other part, 

no matter how widely separated in time and space.”

Oddly similar to the way our ancient shamanic ancestors thought and acted 30,000 years ago, this new model of reality finds resonance with our deepest intuitions and yearnings.

It brings a fresh and creative perspective on modern physics, medicine, psychology, ecology, and spirituality.

Traditionally, people who became shamans were either born sensitive to psychic phenomena or became sensitive through undergoing a dangerous illness or trauma. They were often considered insane by their societies until they learned shamanic techniques to control their interactions with the “spirit world.”

Now more and more of us are becoming “sensitive.” People who think and live in awareness of other consciousnesses – human, non-human, gigantic, tiny, ancient, contemporary, near and far, embodied and unembodied– are not automatically dismissed as“crazy."

Today’s students of shamanism are drawn from scientists, medical doctors, nurses, religious clergy, psychotherapists, healers, teachers, writers, artists, and spiritual seekers, as well as the traditional candidates whose consciousness has been opened by illness or trauma.

Most are mature, responsible people who find their old ways of explaining the world inadequate to predict and make sense of what is happening around them. Old or young, they tend to care deeply about all life and its well-being, and can no longer be satisfied with textbook dogma and received wisdom.

Shamanism is a journey of personal exploration using ancient techniques developed and tested over thousands of years and many different cultures. You will learn techniques of core shamanism collected, modernized and updated over the last five decades largely through the efforts of Michael Harner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Shamanism is also a journey of healing for body, mind and soul, a journey of miracles, wisdom and hope. It is ancient and still-open portal into the One Mind.

Ultimately, it is a journey of compassion, harmony, cooperation and connectedness, a way to find one’s place of belonging in the Universe, and a true path to enlightenment.

Shamanic healing is Healing in Consciousness, taking place in and through Consciousness — the ultimate ground of being.

To get started on your shamanic training, join us for the online 

Shamanic Journey Workshop in Core Shamanism 

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core shamanism

To get started on your online shamanic training, join us for the online 

Shamanic Journey Workshop in Core Shamanism 

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*Because of the Ukrainian war, as of February 25, 2022, half of all payments for Ellen’s Shamanic Healing sessions will be donated to the United Nations Refugee Agency.

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