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About Shamanism

Shamans work in an altered state of consciousness to seek knowledge and healing in hidden worlds  otherwise mainly known through myth, dream, and near-death experiences.

In the shamanic model these worlds are called “spirit worlds." Shamans find guidance and effect change in these worlds to deal with life problems such as physical and emotional  illnesses, professional challenges, family discord, and ancestral and end-of-life issues.

Shamans work to connect their clients with sources of wisdom and healing power in the spirit world, to remove spiritual energy intrusions and possessions, and help them recover personal power and emotional and physical well-being. 

Shamanic procedures take into account each person’s unique situation, personality, and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual makeup and needs. The goal of shamanism is to restore you to full health, wholeness and self-determination.

Classical shamanism recognizes two realities: ordinary reality, which is our normal waking consciousness of consensual reality, and nonordinary reality, where spirits are found. 

Most shamanic cultures also divide the cosmos into three worlds, an upper world, a middle world, and a lower world. The upper and lower worlds are entirely in nonordinary reality. Shamans journeying to these worlds have uniformly reported encountering only compassionate, helping spirits. The middle world consists both of ordinary reality and a realm of nonordinary reality. Just as ordinary reality contains both compassionate and harmful beings, the nonordinary middle world also contains both compassionate and harmful spirits. 

A shaman is someone who knows how to navigate between the worlds to bring back useful information and healing for his or her clients.

Healing, clearing and divination services shamans provide are adapted by the shaman’s helping spirits to each client’s situation at that time and place. Practitioners of core shamanism are trained in many classical (traditional) shamanic techniques common to indigenous cultures around the world.

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