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Emotional Healing

(“The Journey”)

Available via Zoom and In Person

"The Journey" is a method of emotional and physical healing developed by Brandon Bays. The method is internationally acclaimed as an extremely effective process to allow you to experience your basic grounding in Source, the vast, boundless presence of love at the core of your being.1 

It is a gentle, safe process using innovative techniques of emotional release and forgiveness to break down blocks and barriers to moving into your own unlimited potential, enabling you to finally create the life experience of joy and abundance you were born for.2

Ellen Winner, an accredited Journey Practitioner, will lead you into a light meditative state of consciousness, help you enlist the aid of your own spirit “mentor," and with the mentor’s help, guide you through a journey into the very nature of your soul. 

You will be empowered to . . .

If you are interested in a “Journey” session with Ellen, please contact us.

Your “Journey" session

Ellen will spend a few minutes getting to know you and finding out what issues you want to address. You will be seated in a chair and Ellen will be seated facing you in a chair placed beside and a little in front of your chair.

Together you will decide on an intention or prayer for your “Journey" session.

You will enter into a lightly altered state of consciousness through a gentle guided meditation, and meet a spirit “mentor" for the journey. Any protecting spirits whose presence you desire will be invoked.

You will learn to face and experience the raw energies of any emotions that may arise, allowing them to intensify without attempting to either to repress or express them, in order to reveal previously-masked emotions and buried traumas that lie deeper. 

This is a process that takes courage and commitment on your part, but you are supported and protected every step of the way. Clients frequently arrive, after facing what they have spent lifetimes avoiding, at a sacred sense of peace and oneness with Source that defies description.

From this perspective, you are then gently led through a process of confrontation, reconciliation and forgiveness with those who have harmed you, thus freeing yourself forever from the karmic ties and blockages that have held you back from realizing your true identity in Source and manifesting your authentic being in life. 

Clients often find that dreams they once thought impossible now feel straightforward and easy to manifest. Their relationships with family, coworkers and friends improve, and they are calmer and happier with themselves.

If you are dealing with a physical issue, after introducing a lightly altered state of consciousness you will directly enter into the affected part of your body and identify repressed traumatic events, emotions or beliefs that caused the problem. Again, through a process of confrontation, reconciliation and forgiveness, you will find it surprisingly easy to release the blocked energies at the root of your physical problem. Many types of physical and emotional issues including depression and even serious illnesses have been alleviated and even completely healed using this method.

Many physical and emotional conditions heal gradually, and emotional traumas may be deeply buried, overlaid with later traumas and decisions and beliefs created as a result of other life experiences. It may take multiple sessions to restore your body and emotions to optimal health. At least two sessions, one concentrating on an emotional drop-through and the other on unearthing and healing residual effects of trauma stored in the cells of your body at specific locations, are recommended. If you find the treatments effective, as most people do, you may wish to return when you recognize further issues beginning to surface that need to be dealt with.  

You always feel safe.

"The Journey" process is completely safe. Every care is taken to ensure your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical protection. You may feel a natural degree of fear because you will be confronting long-repressed emotions and memories, but with the help of their human and spiritual mentors and supporters, most people can mobilize their courage to face these fears. When they do, they feel a sense of added strength and empowerment because they can no longer be held back by old, outdated, buried and largely unconscious fears and beliefs.


Sessions typically last about one and a half to two hours, and cost $150 per hour. First-time sessions may last longer, but you will not be charged more than $300 no matter how long the session lasts.

Arrange for your session: email or call Ellen at 720-635-7212.

“Journey" sessions can be done in person or via phone or Zoom. Wherever possible, it is preferred that the practitioner be able to see the client's face, since close, moment-to-moment monitoring of the client’s state of consciousness and emotional condition is required.

For more information about "The Journey" click here.


1 Journey Practitioners have undergone a huge transformation during the Journey Practitioner’s Program and are very compassionate and skilled at supporting others through the process. The Journey Practitioner’s Program is a rigorous eight-part program. Practitioners are taught how to elegantly and effectively support themselves and others through their emotional pain and into Freedom. To become accredited, Practitioners must perform 45 case studies, which are adjudicated to ensure that the Practitioner shows up in this work with state-of-the-art tools in service to their client’s healing. Practitioners are guided by the client’s innate wisdom and knowledge while holding a higher vision of the outcome than the client can see for themselves at the present moment. (

2 See Bays, Brandon, "The Journey: A Road Map to the Soul", Reissue Edition Atria Books, 2012, and

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