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Healing In Consciousness

(Spiritual Healing)

Healing in Consciousness, Inc. is a not-for-profit Colorado corporation owned and operated by Ellen Winner to provide in-person and online healings  and  private instruction in shamanism via zoom and other platforms for remote communication.

Healing in Consciousness, Inc. donates one-half of all moneys received for healing work to The United Nations Refugee Agency.

Contact us to arrange your healing or instruction session at or 720-635-7212.

As a faculty member of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Ellen offers the Foundation’s online shamanic workshops via zoom.

The healing work is called Healing in Consciousness because the healing takes place in and through the One Consciousness shared by all beings, animate, inanimate, embodied and formless. Because consciousness is shared, we are all connected within it through our own personal awareness, and this means that when we ask for help and get out of our own way, help comes. Shamanism is healing in consciousness.

Consciousness is another name for The Great Spirit, the Consciousness of All-That-Is, God, the Universe and Everything. 

Healing in Consciousness supports and empowers those who prefer to take an active part in their own journey to health and wholeness.

As our greatest scientists have been telling us for almost a century, what we experience in the physical world happens first in the Consciousness of All.1 We experience healing in our bodies, minds and emotions because it happened first in Consciousness. We are never separate from that Consciousness, although the mistaken belief that we are separate is a root cause of disease.2

When we heal the mistaken idea that we are separate from Consciousness, our pain and illness heal as well.

If you are truly ready for this work you will know it because...

   You feel a need and longing for spirit connection has arisen in your soul. 

   You burn to feel your own direct connection with healing spirit,

   to finally hear the messages of divine wisdom your helping spirits have been waiting so urgently to impart,

   to open your eyes on landscapes of meaning in other worlds,

   and recognize beings of compassion alive in those worlds and at work,

   to embrace the knowing at your deepest level that everything is really — always has been and still is — eternally all right.

To call upon Spirit for healing is to ask to be taught the lesson of Oneness with All. This can be frightening to the ego (the persona, self-image, or the personal consciousness of the little self). 

Ellen Winner is here to help you move into that Oneness with Source in a way that is gentle, safe and highly effective.  She makes no claim to special, magical healing gifts. The miracles of healing that are possible for you happen only because your own consciousness has changed. 

Center yourself, breathe deeply, go inside, feel your heart and stomach, and ask, "Am I ready?" Then notice how your body reacts. Does it clench up in resistance or relax in gratitude2 when you think of taking the first step?

There is a way forward, now . . . 

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1 Max Planck, German theoretical physicist and 1918 Nobel Laureate who originated quantum theory, as quoted in the Observer, London, January 25, 1931: "I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness." (McFarlane I., Scientists as Mystics. The Endless Search. www. Accessed 8/21/2014.)

2 "Sickness is a retreat from others, and a shutting off of joining. It becomes a door that closes on a separate self, and keeps it isolated and alone. Sickness is isolation. For it seems to keep one self apart from all the rest, to suffer what the others do not feel. It gives the body final power to make the separation real, and keep the mind in solitary prison, split apart and held in pieces by a solid wall of sickened flesh, which it can not surmount." (Foundation for Inner Peace. A Course in Miracles, 2nd Edition. New York, Penguin Books, 1996. Lesson 137 pp. 261-263).

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