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Learn Shamanism One-on-one 

(In person or online)

The best way to learn shamanism is to attend weekend workshops offered by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  The Foundation’s teachings were developed through extensive research including direct teachings and initiations from indigenous shamans all over the world as well as study of anthropological literature and decades of experience teaching shamanic practices to Western students. The Shamanic Journey to contact spirits in nonordinary realities is fundamental to core shamanism. The spirits provide shamans with power and information for healing themselves and others and bringing harmony to their communities.

In the workshop environment students receive explicit instructions for shamanic journeys to meet and form relationships with guardian and teaching spirits. The synergy of the group leads to extra power and clarity in these beginning journeys, and the support of the group provides confirmation and encouragement. The Foundation maintains trained faculty members who offer beginning and advanced training workshops in various locations in the United States and other parts of the world. (For a current Foundation schedule, see the Foundation for Shamanic Studies website.)

Under special circumstances, one-on-one training may be provided.  Please contact us to determine if you can be a candidate for this training.

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