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You can qualify to take the in-person residential Three-Year Program and/or the Two-Week Shamanic Healing Intensive programs by taking all the prerequisite workshops ONLINE. These advanced workshops are not offered on-line.

Map out your pathway to qualify for these advanced residential in-person workshops by taking the online workshops on the Prerequisite Chart below, starting at the bottom of the Prerequisite Chart below and following a pathway defined by the arrows leading to the workshop you want to take. The prerequisites for each workshop are the workshop(s) connected to that workshop by the arrow or arrows pointing to that workshop. 

If you want to take a particular workshop, you must have taken the workshop that point to it. For more information go to The Foundation for Shamanic Studies website.

Note that the Foundation for Shamanic Studies’ in-person prerequisites are not included in the following chart. In some cases, in-person workshops can substitute for required online workshops. Information about these substitutions may be found on the Foundation’s website at


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