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Shamanic Counseling 

If your focus is primarily on in-depth self-help and spiritual growth (rather than offering shamanic services to others), you may wish to to consider the Shamanic Counseling program, developed and offered by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, in which you will learn the shamanic journey method in a private, confidential setting with the help of an experienced facilitator. No previous experience with shamanic journeying is necessary.

You will be coached in effective journey techniques and establishing a trusting relationship with wise, compassionate helping spirits and  become proficient in the process of enlisting their help  for dealing with important and sensitive life issues. The goal of the Shamanic Counseling Program is to empower you to use the amazing techniques of shamanic journeying to access these spirits as sources of continued trusted advice and healing throughout your life.

A shamanic counseling session is one-on-one instruction in the classic shamanic journey to connect you with a power animal as a guardian spirit, a source of healing, help and protection, and a spirit teacher whose wise advice and healing power you can count on.  

Shamanic Counseling was developed by Dr. Michael Harner, an anthropologist and founder of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, as a modern shamanic technique for learning the classic shamanic journey to connect with compassionate spirits in nonordinary reality. The spirits are your true counselors, providing energy and wisdom to deal with life problems such as health issues including physical, mental and emotional illnesses, inhibitory fears, professional challenges, family discord, love relationships, issues of financial abundance, and ancestral and end-of-life issues. Students gain self-confidence, personal empowerment and heightened joy in life.

This is a safe, individual learning experience in an indoor setting. (Shamanic travelers to the upper and lower shamanic worlds consistently report meeting only compassionate, helping spirits.) You will find and learn to communicate your spirit teachers and power animals in the upper and lower worlds.

The work is intense and exciting. Your human shamanic counselor provides personalized help and guidance to overcome any obstacles or blocks. You will learn effective ways to frame your questions, how to journey, and shamanic interpretation in a private, one-on-one setting.

You form strong connections with sources of wisdom and healing power to help you recover lost personal power and emotional and physical well-being. Shamanic procedures take into account each person’s unique situation, personality, and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual makeup and needs.

Anyone can learn to use these ancient and modern techniques to open the way to direct, first-hand connection with your own personal guidance, the divine part of you that knows exactly what you need to see, hear and feel at any given point in your life, and whose compassionate purpose is to bring you gently into wholeness, happiness, fulfillment and grace.

Ellen Winner is a Certified Shamanic Counselor® (CSC®), was extensively trained by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and is experienced in teaching students to access their upper and lower world teachers in nonordinary reality. Ellen is  there to help you become proficient in the journey method. Her role is to show the way, providing instruction, orientation, and methodological advice based on classic techniques of core shamanism and shamanic journeying.

The standard Shamanic Counseling program typically involves a one-hour introductory session and five journey modules, which can often be completed in as few as six one and one-half to two-hour sessions. More sessions are available if needed to overcome blocks or find the information and help you need.

We use recorded drumming to safely alter your state of consciousness and let you go "outside of time" to utilize these ancient shamanic problem-solving methods. You are trained in the method of simultaneous narration and recording of the shamanic journey in order to amplify the quality of your experience and give you an ongoing recording of your sessions. (You will receive the only copy of the recordings.)

During the introductory session, Ellen will spend a few minutes getting to know you and finding out about the issues for which you are seeking guidance. She will explain a little about shamanism and the shamanic journey process and introduce you to the earphones, eye covering, and recording equipment you will use to listen to shamanic drumming and record the narration of your journey.  

During the journey sessions you will receive simple instructions for accessing the spirit worlds to meet compassionate helping spirits who are willing to work with you. Ellen will provide coaching and encouragement on your journey technique and guide and support you in opening communication with the spirits, framing your questions and requests, and will provide you with general principles involved in interpreting the answers you receive. The focus in shamanic counseling is on empowering you to become skilled in the shamanic journey method and form relationships with helping spirits so that you will be able to continue to seek, receive and interpret guidance from your spirits on your own for issues that arise in your life.

The cost for Shamanic Counseling is $150 for the short introductory session and $300 for each journey session.  You must commit to showing up for all six sessions of the Shamanic Counseling program.

For more information or to arrange for Shamanic Counseling please contact us.

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