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As of February 25, 2022, half of all Payments for Shamanic Healing sessions are donated to the United Nations Refugee Agency.

To book a Shamanic Healing Session, email or phone Ellen.; 720-635-7212.

Traditional Shamanism uses techniques of mind and spirit developed by humans all over the world through tens of thousands of years for dealing with diseases and life problems.  Shamans work in an altered state of consciousness to seek knowledge dealing with diseases and life problems,   journeying to hidden worlds otherwise mainly known through myth, dream, and near-death experiences. In the shamanic model these worlds are called “spirit worlds.”

In addition to the traditional healing methods listed below, shamans often receive guidance and assistance from the spirits for new ways of changing the spiritual patterns that govern illness and other types of suffering specifically tailored for the patient’s situation at that time and place.

A good shaman consults the spirits in non ordinary reality before beginning any shamanic work to ask for this guidance and help in determining the most appropriate work to be done, which may be different from what the patient or the shaman may have originally thought while in their ordinary reality consciousness.

To arrange for services, contact Ellen at or call 720-635-7212. 

Classical Shamanic Services 

  • POWER RETRIEVAL:  Difficult life situations, or even slow erosion by the constant, low-grade stress of modern life. Warning signs include chronic problems such as recurrent upper respiratory infections, depression, and persistent misfortune. The shamanic practitioner journeys to hidden worlds in non-ordinary reality to recover a spiritual ally for you, such as a spirit animal, friend, or teacher, as a source of power and protection.
  • EXTRACTION:  Misplaced energy intrusions can lodge in the body and cause localized problems such as ulcer, pain in individual organs or limbs, and cancer. The shamanic practitioner removes the intrusion from the body and neutralizes it.
  • SOUL RETRIEVAL:  Soul loss can occur at times of intense emotional or physical trauma, causing a portion of your soul to split off and hide in the spirit worlds to survive the pain. It can happen as a result of painful medical treatments such as surgery or chemotherapy, loss of a loved one, or abuse. You may experience depression, hopelessness, low vitality, and feel that since the traumatic event, you’ve “never been the same.” Soul loss can lead to dissociative disorders, addictions, and post-traumatic stress disorder. In a soul retrieval the shaman journeys to the spirit worlds to locate the missing soul portion and persuade it to come back, if it is willing. The shaman also provides you with guidance in welcoming and caring for the recovered soul part.
  • DEPOSSESSION:  People can be afflicted by spirit entities in and around their body that negatively influence their behavior, for example by promoting addictions to alcohol, drugs, overeating or other self-destructive behaviors. The possessing spirit may be using the person’s body to enjoy the addictions it was used to when it was alive in a body.  Spirit possession can also cause illness, accidents, depression, emotional suffering, energy drain and sudden personality changes. The possessing spirit is usually the soul of someone who has passed on but is stuck here in the middle world, not even aware that it has died. The shaman treats these spirits compassionately, recognizing them as suffering beings who are not happy here but don’t know how, or are afraid to leave the middle world and helps them understand that the body they are in is not their own. The shaman helps free them from their suffering by accompanying them to the upper or lower world where they are met by their own loved ones who have passed on or by angels or other compassionate spirits who guide them to go on with their own spiritual destinies. Usually once the possessing spirit has left, a person will also need a power retrieval or a soul retrieval to make sure they are strong enough to resist spirit possession in the future. After a depossession, and being filled with their own power, most people find it much easier to control any self-destructive tendencies.
  • AID IN DEATH AND DYING: Shamans can help terminal patients prepare for their passing. Shamans acting as psychopomps can accompany and assist the spirit of a dying or dead person trapped on earth to move forward into welcoming worlds of spirit.
  • DIVINATION: Shamans have numerous divination techniques to bring information from the spirit worlds to guide you in dealing with difficult life situations such as problems in relationships with family, friends, bosses or co-workers, and uncertainties in making important decisions about life changes for example, moving, taking a new job, or entering into a new relationship.
  • SPIRITUAL CLEANSING OF HOMES AND LAND:  Spiritually sensitive persons can be adversely affected by negative thought forms and vibrations that remain as energetic residues of negative and violent emotions previously unleashed in a building or outdoor area. “Hungry ghosts” and suffering souls who have lost their way and become stuck in the middle world after death can also inhabit these places and cause unexplained feelings of despair, anger, and grief to those able to sense their presence. Shamans contact these spirits and send them on to more compassionate realms using prayers, blessings and rituals to clear unwanted energies from homes and land.  View this short video of restaurant clearing. 

Psycho-spiritual Development and Mental Health Mentoring

Working together with the client, we enlist the aid of compassionate helping spirits to deal with blocks to spiritual development, including anxieties, fears, karmic effects, obsessive thoughts, emotional control issues, habits and other life problems. Shamanic healing methods combined with ongoing guidance in working out coping strategies can help ameliorate psychic and energetic blockages and interferences that keep you from evolving spiritually and living a healthy, harmonious, useful life. The shamanic perspective is also a useful approach for treatment of patients diagnosed with a mental illness, including symptoms such as hearing hostile voices, seeing frightening visions, or feeling unwanted touching that disrupt thoughts and memories.*

* Please note that Shamanic services are not intended to replace the services of licensed psychiatrists, psychologists or therapists. If you are you are experiencing symptoms of mental illness you should consult a licensed professional and seek their advice about shamanic help. I am always happy to work collaboratively with licensed mental health professionals.


Contact me at or 720-635-7212



Ellen works by donation for shamanic for healing and/or instruction sessions. 

Suggested donation $75 to $150 per session. Sessions usually last 1-1/2 to 2 hours.


“I’ve noticed a shift emotionally and spiritually. I feel like I am treasured and nourished by all of life. I think, deep down before I used to think that perhaps I was abandoned by God. So this is pretty significant!!!” 

“Your kindness and compassion made it easy to open up and connect. Thank you for your kind words as well. The experience was so beautiful--especially when the music made me envision myself dancing around a fire wearing feathers and I thought about different animals but the final one was eagle and then I started soaring.”

“Over the last 2 days, I have felt quite sensitive/vulnerable but I feel this deep inner calm and peace that I have not had in many years, if ever. I feel more “whole” after the soul retrieval. More rooted. Thank you for taking me on that journey and helping me heal in a way that other methods have not been able to permeate.”

“There has been a visceral shift in my energy. That old attachment pattern I was carrying feels as though it has left. I no longer feel those emotions as strongly and the heavy burden has been lifted. I have had many deep realizations and have been able to come to a place of acceptance, understanding & have found the ability to let go. I feel my energy has 'matured'. I'm no longer carrying the energy of that little girl who wants so desperately to be loved. Because I love myself.

I feel free to move on with my life because I'm no longer carrying those attachments that were holding me back. I know it will be an unfolding process but the fact that I can feel my depression being lifted gives me great hope for my future.”

“I have been feeling really wonderful since Friday. I feel like the gauzy veil over my existence is lifted, and I am feeling more like myself, easy to communicate with love and patience, and without anger.”

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