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How did we get here? Where is “here” and who are “we” anyway? Does anybody know what’s going on?

Is it really necessary to know? What difference does it make?

What does it mean? Why should I bother? We’re all going to die in the end.

Am I having a good time . . . or not? 

We think if we knew all the answers, we’d be safe from dangers lurking around corners, waiting to pounce. But the more we learn, the more we realize we’re probably never going to know it all. 

There are so many theories about what life is, what our experiences mean, and what we should do to survive. Some theories are airy-fairy and improbable, some dogmatic and burdensome to think about, much less practice. Many are hierarchical, intricate, fear-based and expensive — in terms of what you have to pay the “guru” to learn the “secrets.” Some involve substances that alter brain function and, and can teach you a lot, but if overused, make you paranoid and stuck in believing everything you think.

Materialistic science offers logical explanations about how the world works, but its power to explain reality has faltered in the face of unexplained behaviors of matter and energy at the quantum level. 

Some scientists are now beginning to consider the importance of Consciousness as a way to explain our experience of life — consciousness as the cause of every experience and object in our world.

But who or what is this Consciousness that is thinking everything up? Is it each of us in our own little bubble of consciously-experienced reality? Is the Consciousness that is behind everything the result of the collective thinking of all beings? Is it God? Is there a plan or is it all random? How much can each of us affect it? Is it all-knowing or just feeling its way as it goes along?

If Consciousness is really the primary reality, the cause of all our experiences, is life just made up on the fly? Is what we call the “real world” a virtual reality like a video game? Are we in charge? Or are we alone, each a minuscule and powerless cog in a vast universe? 

Did we somehow create the world we experience when we weren’t watching. Are we guilty of all its suffering?

There’s a lot we don’t understand. But one thing we can know through personal experience is that miracles are real. They happen.

Core shamanism offers techniques for accessing reliably compassionate helping spirits. The spirits are our real teachers and mentors. They help us understand and thread our way through life as it happens. They want to help alleviate our suffering. They want us to feel accepted and connected. They want us to be hopeful and happy and to live in harmony with All That Is. They want us to reach Enlightenment.

 A shamanic mentor is someone who shows you practical methods for contacting compassionate spirits and coaches you through journeys in non-ordinary reality to find answers from the spirits to the important questions in your life. 

The spirits know you individually and they know how you think. They will often show you metaphors only you can understand. 

A shamanic mentor is not an all-knowing guru, but rather a companion on the path, with tools garnered from their own struggles and epiphanies, who can help you navigate your personal evolution.

Currently shamanic mentoring sessions cost $100 per hour. They usually last between one and two hours.

If you would like to schedule a shamanic mentoring session, please email Include a short explanation of what you hope to gain or change as a result of your work with the helping spirits in the mentoring process, and details of any previous shamanic training you have had.

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