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The series includes fundamental shamanic healing methods: power animal retrieval, extraction healing, psychopomp work with the spirits of the deceased, and power soul retrieval. It also incorporates enrichment experiences designed to provide a depth of knowledge essential to an effective shamanic healing practice.

Each workshop in the series builds on previous workshops. To provide rigorous training and preparation, workshops are designed to be taken in order with each new addition serving as a prerequisite for the next.

Current plans for roll-out* include the following workshops: 

Shamanism in Practice: Ethical, Effective, and Inspired Shamanic Healing™ (online) (14 hours)

The Shaman as Psychopomp (10.5 hours), 7 hours training in method and practice, plus additional 3.5-hour practice session/Q&A

Shamanic Extraction Healing (14 hours), 7 hours training in method and practice, plus 2 additional 3.5-hour practice sessions/Q&A

Power Soul Retrieval™ (14 hours), 7 hours training in method and practice, plus 2 additional 3.5-hour practice sessions/Q&A

Advanced Shamanic Healing Practice (online, 14 hours): Review and practice of psychopomp work, extraction healing, and power soul retrieval methods

*NOTE: The Shamanic Healing Online Program, while based in decades of experience teaching shamanic practice, is a work in progress with workshop content subject to adjustment. In-person workshops and training programs will be resumed when safe from a public health standpoint.

Cancellations by the Foundation:

The Foundation requires at least 6 and no more than 20 students in each workshop. If less than 6 people sign up, we will have to cancel the workshop, and your tuition payment will be refunded.

Registration will be closed when 20 students have both paid and returned their signed Confidentiality form. If you have paid but not returned your Confidentiality form, you will not be counted as a participant, and may not be able to attend the workshop.

We plan to hold these workshops periodically. If you paid for the workshop but failed to complete your registration by returning the Confidentiality form, you may request that your tuition be applied to a later presentation of the same workshop. 

Cancellations by Participants

If you notify us that you will not be attending the workshop more than two weeks before the start date of the workshop, your tuition will be returned to you minus the PayPal fee. If you notify us two weeks or less  before the start date of the workshop, your tuition will be refunded minus the PayPal fee and a handling fee of $30. If you fail to notify us and do not show up for the workshop, your tuition will be forfeit.




PREREQUISITES: (1) The Basic Workshop: The Way of the Shaman (in-person workshop) OR The Shamanic Journey: Pathway to Knowledge & Power, AND (2) Shamanic Divination in Practice, AND (3) The Shamanic Worldview: Everything is Alive™

MAY 8-9, 2021

Part I, Saturday, 9:00 AM-12:30 PM

Part II, Sunday, 9:00 AM-12:30 PM

Mountain Time

(Be sure to add an hour to the 9:00 am time for Central time, two hours for Eastern time, and subtract an hour for Pacific Time.)


($10 Rebate available to Foundation Members)

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Three steps to Register:

1. Reserve your place: email Ellen Winner

(You will then receive a Welcome Letter and Confidentiality Form)

2. Fill out, sign and submit signed Confidentiality Form

(You will then receive a PayPal invoice for $140)    

3. Pay Tuition

(You will then receive the Zoom link shortly before the workshop)

About This Workshop

Effective shamanic practice depends upon knowledge of the spirit realms and how to access them to build strong relationships with the compassionate helping spirits. Powerful shamanic healing requires training, discipline, and experience.

In this experiential workshop, which sets the context for the Shamanic Healing Online Training Program, you will have the opportunity to personally explore:

    •    The three worlds of the shaman (Upper, Lower, and Middle Worlds) and the qualities of ordinary and non-ordinary reality;

    •    The nature of the spirits of the three worlds;

    •    Middle World non-ordinary reality spiritual aspects and their relationship to illness and wholeness.

Primary shamanic healing methods will be described, including shamanic extraction healing, psychopomp to help the spirits of the deceased, and soul retrieval. You will learn and practice power animal retrieval, with the chance to work with another participant to both retrieve and receive a power animal.

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