Ellen Winner


(with guided meditation)

Many people have a belief that there’s some sort of cosmic, absolute evil (usually defined as The Devil). 

They also think there is some cosmic good (usually defined as God). (I think it’s okay to say, “God” and “him,” even though God isn’t really a person or male, because whatever he is, he includes these modes of being — just as he includes all other modes of being. If you want to use different words, like “Pure Awareness,” “The One,” “All-That-Is,” etc., they’re just as valid. I use them interchangeably to mean the Greater Consciousness we all share.)

But thankfully, there is no cosmic, absolute good or evil.

Is there anything at all that is good for every living being all the time? Is there anything at all that is evil for every living being all the time? Obviously not. What’s good for you might be to stay alive, and what’s evil for you might be to die, but the worms who get to eat your carcass might find it very good that you died, and think it evil of you to delay their feast by hanging on to life for even one extra hour.

So when you say something is “good” or “evil” the words don’t mean anything until you say who or what it’s “good” for or who or what it’s “evil” for. Next time you’re tempted to call something good, bad, or evil, make sure you specify who or what it’s good, bad, or evil for.

From the point of view of the whole Universe, All-That-Is, the One Life, is expressing itself in each of us, which means that nothing real is lost when we die. The One Life goes on. When one individual being dies, that particular expression of the One Life is no longer in physical form, but the One Life continues to live and move in all the rest of the physical beings through which it manifests itself. All-That-Is is an integrated whole. With the death of our body, our personal conscious simply realizes, with relief, that it wasn’t really that little, limited consciousness it thought it was, and expands out into the Consciousness of All-That-Is.

From the perspective of the Greater Consciousness, we see that the One Life experiences and learns things through each of its many forms, ourselves included. If I suffer, then the One Life, which obviously participates in this suffering, may learn that it would rather avoid expressing itself in the particular way that is me and beings like me. If I commit suicide the One Life may learn this lesson in an intensified, memorable way. If I, within my individual consciousness, learn ways to stop suffering, the One Life also learns these ways and can transfer the learning to its other manifestations in human form who are suffering like me.

But from my individual perspective, suffering hurts. If I am suffering, that is, if this illusion of “I” that is really All-That-Is, aka God, manifesting as me, is suffering, I’m probably going to hate God for subjecting me to such pain. But does God deliberately make me suffer? Or is God, like the rest of us, just doing his best to make his way through his experiences, learning as he goes? 

It seems as if, whether through aeons of trial and error, or perhaps some master plan, the Universe is gradually evolving toward a more comfortable existence for all its manifestations. From our perspective as separate human beings, this seems logical. But if true, it would mean there was no all-knowing, all-powerful God because an all-powerful, all-knowing God wouldn’t have to work his way, or evolve, through time to accomplish the goal of becoming all-knowing and all-powerful. He would already be it.

I have a vision, which may or may not be accurate, of an all-knowing, all-powerful God who delegates the work of expressing himself in the form of our material Universe to a stepped-down manifestation of Himself whom he requires to obey the laws of time — something like the ancient Greek God Chronos. This stepped-down version of God then carries out his duty of manifesting physical reality by deliberately exploding his consciousness into trillions and trillions of tiny bits of consciousness for no other reason than the fun of watching them gradually come back together as a unified Whole.

In this unified Whole it’s meaningless to say that absolute good and absolute evil exist. By definition, everything that is belongs to the Whole and is necessary to the giant ecosystem of the Universe. Otherwise it couldn’t exist.

When we call something “evil” we usually have in mind that it’s absolutely evil, which means it can’t be good for any purpose. But that’s never true. There is no such thing as pure or absolute evil. Even if something is very, very bad for you and your friends, there are still bound to be things or people in the planetary ecosystem it’s good for, so nothing can ever be “absolutely” evil. It can only be evil relative to what or who it’s evil for.

It was an error in consciousness for humans to separate reality into good and evil. We recognize this in one of the most well-known myths of our culture, the Old Testament story of Adam and Eve. It was such a huge mistake that the Catholic Church calls it “original sin.” The idea was that God created the first man and woman and set them in a paradisiacal Garden of Eden. Carnivores and prey animals lived there together in peace, as depicted in this Brueghel and Rubens painting, because they had no concept of good and evil. 

Then a serpent tempted Eve to pick an apple from the “tree of knowledge of good and evil,” which God had expressly forbidden with a warning that if they ate the fruit, their "eyes would be opened" and they would "be like God, knowing good and evil.” Eve ate some and shared it with Adam. This made God angry, and he said, “Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil.” So God condemned Adam to a life of hardship and banished him, along with Eve, from the Garden “lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever.” (Genesis 3:22.)

I always thought if it were me I would surely eat from both trees because, of course, I want to know everything there is to know and live forever. Who wouldn’t?!

Our religions taught us that “good” is whatever God wants (which usually meant things that are good for humans but not necessarily for other living beings). Priests used the word “evil” to mean whatever God hates and punishes us for doing or being. (Always be suspicious when someone starts a sentence with, “God wants you to know.”)

We’ve lived with the belief that some things are absolutely good and some absolutely evil for a few thousand years, and this causes all kinds of trouble because we think we should reject everything we call “evil” and embrace and identify only with what we call “good.” We don’t all agree on which is which, so we fight about it. By labeling and rejecting what we think is “evil,” we seriously limit our consciousness. We make big portions of the Universe taboo to even think about. 

Through our religions we learned to try to be “good” and do God’s will even though no one really knows what that is. We also learned from the Adam and Eve story that it was taboo to think we could “become as Gods.” Oddly, religions seem okay with the us knowing we could live forever — but, of course, only if we were “good.”

As our cultural myths developed, we learned of a man named Jesus who had the temerity to assert that he was one with God: “I and the Father are one,” he said (John 10:30). After his baptism, he went into the wilderness to fast, and the devil tempted him with a challenge that if he really had God’s powers he could use them to alleviate his suffering by turning stones into bread or jumping off a cliff and having angels catch him. It didn’t work. Jesus refused to exercise these powers. He knew he was God, but evidently wanted to handicap himself by living like other humans who didn’t know they were God. 

Why was it “evil,” that is, something the devil wanted, for Jesus to use the powers he had as a result of knowing he was One with God? Was the story of his temptation by the devil just another story accreted into the cultural myths to reinforce the taboo against knowing we are One with God? 

First, the Adam and Eve story encourages us to believe in good and evil, and the knowledge that we are One with God is made taboo. Then with the Jesus temptation story we learn it is “evil” to use powers that come with the knowledge that we are one with God. It doesn’t seem logical, but I think I know why.

When I first realized I was part of the One Consciousness at age 14, I felt a strong sense of taboo about telling anyone. It would be giving away the game we were all supposed to be playing, pretending we were separate free agents interacting with each other in all sorts of interesting ways, loving and killing, befriending and betraying, accepting and rejecting, while God looks on, amused by the show (which he not only gets to watch, but also feel, smell, touch and taste through us).

However, as time goes on, more and more of us are starting to see through the game, realizing our true identity as One with the Consciousness of All-That-Is. And some of us are even learning to use the power of Consciousness to perform miracles.

Just knowing for sure you are One with God goes a long way toward relieving whatever suffering you endure in living a life as a human. If you know that your Consciousness is one with the Consciousness of All-That-Is, which never dies, your level of fear, a major component of human pain, is almost completely eliminated. 

It’s time to take a critical look at the old myths and move on. The taboos against knowing we are One with God and using the powers of God benefit only priests and dictators. We may feel guilty at first for breaking these taboos, but once we start realizing we really are One with God, there’s no turning back. The taboos no longer make sense. In the past, they may have made us helped tone down our egos, but we’re discovering that the guilt they produce is corrosive, life-destroying, and ultimately unnecessary.

Alleviating Suffering through Knowing You Are One with All-That-Is

As a species we humans spent thousands years living in a Consciousness that divided reality into “good” and “evil,” but now we’re beginning to notice it doesn’t work. We can see through it. As a culture we’re definitely outgrowing the idea of God as a big angry father in the sky, seen typically in the act of taking off his belt to punish sinners. 

The realization is dawning that Consciousness is primary: it’s what determines our reality. Our little portion of Consciousness is inseparable from the Greater Consciousness. When we really get that, there’s no more need to fear breaking the taboo about “becoming as God,” or feel guilty if we do. Nor should we feel guilty about our efforts to exercise the powers of Consciousness to create and change our reality.

Despite the claims of many New Age teachers, it’s not straightforward to change our reality. No one I know is able to bend the physical world to their every whim, no doubt partly because other people’s whims get in the way, but also because we haven’t totally accepted our Oneness with every single thing in the Universe, including the things we used think were “evil.” 

Every time we reject an aspect of the Universe as it is, we reduce our power. The power resides in the Wholeness of the Universe, and we lessen our ability to receive it by refusing to recognize that Wholeness.

Spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle points out that full acceptance of All-That-Is means acceptance of what is present in each moment, not acceptance of our story about our whole life situation including past and future. When we’re present in the moment, not resisting anything, not tensing up against what’s here now, even if our life situation is unpleasant, we can easily see what actions we need to take to change things for the better.

Totally accept it All, everyone and everything, just as it is, and find yourself in a state of love in which people automatically cooperate with other individuals to create a shared consciousness of beauty. In that utopian state, aka reality, there is no “good” and “evil,” there’s just what is.

As Thaddeus Golas, author of The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment, defines it, “Love is the action of being in the same space with other beings.” When we love someone we actively want to be with them “in the same space.” When we get into the same space with others, we automatically start harmonizing with them, working toward love. If you’ve ever heard the phone ring and knew who it was before you picked up, you know that “the same space” Golas was talking about doesn’t necessarily mean the same physical space. It also means being in the same psychic space, willing to be in sync with someone else.

It’s a law of nature that when we’re physically together, there’s a force at work to harmonize us. Pendulum clocks put up on the same wall synchronize with each other in half an hour or less. Frogs in the same pond chorus together, neurons fire together, and human concert audiences clap in unison. Brain scans show that our brain waves literally synchronize when we tune in to each other by listening to each other speak. This ability to synchronize persists. Two particles created together become entangled so that changing the spin of one simultaneously changes the spin of the other. 

Our minds, too, function with quantum effects, and produce electromagnetic fields that extend outside our bodies to influence other minds. Dean Radin, Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), has performed experiments leading to the idea that our minds become entangled with each other, which suggests, he says, “that the universe is not really located outside yourself, because if everything is truly entangled, then there is no clear distinction between inside and outside. Everything arises out of a single, holistic medium.” 

Because of these harmonizing forces at work in nature, it isn’t hard to get into “the same space” with another being, human, animal, bug, plant, microorganism or rock. Thadeus Golas did it with LSD, but knowing it can and does occur naturally means there’s no reason we can’t practice generating love without drugs by actively being in the same space, psychically or physically, with everything else.

What keeps us from doing it all the time is fear. Because we’re afraid, we choose to judge certain things as bad or evil or dangerous or useless, or ugly, or dirty or inferior, etc., etc., and separate ourselves from them. If your horse won’t obey and you get mad and curse it, you’ll never get a smooth ride. The horse whisperer’s secret is nonjudgmental love. It’s the same with physical objects. Maybe you’ve noticed that if you’re in a hurry and impatient when you try to make photocopies the machine fights back with paper jams and crooked copies. That goes for the whole spectrum of objects and living beings. Have you ever started your day in a state of impatience and found everything going wrong? The Universe mirrors our states of being.

If we want things to go our way, we have to stop judging them as bad and start loving them.

Spiritual teacher Richard Rohr reminds us that we can start working up to loving All-That-Is “by loving the very humblest and simplest things, and then move up from there,” quoting St. Bonaventure (1221-1274): “Let us place our first step in the ascent at the bottom, presenting to ourselves the whole material world as a mirror, through which we may pass over to God . . . .”

So if you find yourself at odds with the Universe, take a step back and get into the moment (“the same space” with what’s around you), noticing and appreciating what’s there in the here and now. When we love something, we get in sync with it, and there’s mutual influence.

It’s not that we can or should be able to control everything to be the way we want it like a baby dictator; rather we find that when we harmonize with the other people and things, it turns out that we want what they want and vice versa, and everything flows.

Making negative judgements about things and people separates and keeps us in conflict with our environment. We have to get over the childish notion that anything that is bad for us personally or as a species is “evil.” We, like all living things on this planet (except a few microorganisms that eat rocks), maintain our existence by eating each other. We’re part of the giant ecosystem that is our planet. 

Given that we kill and eat other living things to survive, we can’t very well claim that killing is bad. The planetary ecocycle includes both creation and destruction. We’re not exempt. We destroy living beings not only when we eat, but also when we develop land, when we clean our houses, when we travel, when we walk across the ground, and on and on, so it would be hypocritical to label destruction as bad. Killing and destruction are necessary parts of the cycle that sustains us and every other creature. 

Someone who believes that cosmic good and cosmic evil exist naturally expects cosmic reward and cosmic punishment and lives in a state of anxiety and paranoia that God will cause the Universe to withhold the good things in life and smite them for their sins. To the extent we hold this mistaken belief, we suffer. We can’t think clearly about it because we don’t have standards define what absolute good and evil are  — but in fact there can be no such standards. 

If you want to say, as many do, that the standard of good is “what God wants,” and the standard of evil is “what God hates,” it’s meaningless because this isn’t a standard anyone can know and use. No one knows what God wants unless, possibly, when they’re merged with God in the moment, and that can’t be a “standard” because it changes with each moment and each person. Not having a standard of absolute, cosmic good and evil to go by, when we’re not living “in the moment,” we can be left with a chronic eerie, paranoid feeling of unease, that “something’s out to get me,” with no way to pin down what’s really going on.

That’s not to say such feelings are always unfounded. I was once walking alone through a wooded area while visiting a friend in New Jersey when I began to feel anxious and uneasy for no known reason. It’s hard to define the feeling except to say that I suddenly felt like prey, as though I were being watched. I knew better than to run and strode confidently forward, taking the most direct route out of the trees, with visions of my friend coming to look for me and finding my ravaged body. (Needless to say, I escaped.) No doubt we have ancestral senses to let us know when we’re in danger of being eaten — and should pay attention to them. 

In this case, though I felt paranoid and anxious, the “evil” I feared wasn’t a cosmic, undefined evil. I didn’t think the Devil had it in for me. It was more like a sense that a hungry bear or panther wanted to eat my liver, or some crazy person, watching from the bushes, had rape and murder on his mind.

Many people live with various levels of unease from mild anxiety to bouts of intense fear, and seeing no direct cause for them, decide they’ve been targeted by evil spirits. Maybe they have a guilty conscience making them believe they deserve punishment. We’re always beating ourselves up for not being good enough or for having committed some sin, or “evil” act, even though we may not even have a clue what it was. The “evil act” might be as inconsequential as slapping a mosquito that lands on our arm, but we feel guilty because we think it’s “evil” to kill a living creature, even to protect one’s self. We may be unconsciously reacting to a belief in a big judge in the sky poised to inflict punishment. 

Another cause of chronic unease and fear can be repressed memories of a time when, as a vulnerable child, we felt the hatred of an all-powerful adult. If we were very young, even if the hatred was only a momentary angry or impatient look on a parent’s face, it could have defined our entire universe, giving rise to undefined feelings of cosmic threat.

With no clear understanding of why we have these feelings of doom, we don’t know how to think about them, we don’t know where the danger is, and we don’t know how to overcome it.

We pick up beliefs in cosmic good and evil from parents and others in our culture who inherited them from their ancestors without thinking about whether they make sense or not. It’s time now to question them.

The way to keep from suffering from such mistaken beliefs is to realize they don’t make sense and decide not to keep them. They don’t make sense because: 

  •     1.    You’re not important enough to be a target for the entire Universe. No human is, considering its vastness compared to our minuscule selves.
  •     2.    From all we know about how nature works, there’s an overall balance, an ecocycle, in which creation and destruction are the rule. Your body will eventually be destroyed because in the natural course of things nothing lasts forever, not because some cosmic malicious force has it in for you.
  •     3.    Your consciousness will not be destroyed. As part of the Greater Consciousness, it goes on.

Next time you become aware that you’re judging yourself for not being good enough, ask yourself who is really doing the judging? If you say it’s God, ask yourself who told you what God thinks is good or bad and how did they know? 

You may resist the thought that there might not be a God up there keeping score because you think that if there is a God he automatically keeps score — if he doesn’t, it would mean he doesn’t care what happens to you.

Not true. God is the Awareness we all share. God knows and cares about you because you are part of that Awareness. You’re not an object of God’s awareness, you’re an active participant in it, part of the subject doing the Awareness.

There’s nothing you have to do to be part of God. You already are, just like everything else. Some people think they have to be good to avoid punishment by cosmic evil. They think there’s such a thing as a cosmic or absolute good and that they have a duty to “raise their vibrations” so that they can join the “forces of light,” i.e., God. If you examine this intention to be purely good, however, you’re likely to find, hiding behind it, a need to be better than “those others” with their “lower vibrations.” 

If you find such ambitions in yourself to be a “light being” disdaining anyone who doesn’t live up to your standard of“goodness,” you undoubtedly experience intense suffering, except for the momentary highs you get when someone briefly recognizes your superiority. That suffering can end when you realize your ambitions are based in delusion because the Universe is everything that exists, good for us or bad for us, and we are One with all of it. Each one of us, in what we take to be our individual self, is a hologram or reflection of the universe as a whole, which includes everything with “low vibrations” as well as everything with “high vibrations.” To reject part of what is is to reject part of yourself, and this causes loss of power. You become weak, less able to cope with the challenges of life. With each  new challenge that arises you feel more and more like a victim of some cosmic force that wishes you harm.

Then there are people who not only believe in cosmic, absolute evil but are convinced that they have been chosen and granted occult powers by the “forces of darkness.” This is usually an ego trip. These people want attention and can’t get it by pleasing others so they act out like spoiled children. They want people to be afraid of them, but generally everyone just feels sorry for them. 

If you are afraid of an “evil” spirit or of a person who claims to be on “the dark side,” know that all power derives from the One Source, the Pure Awareness of the Universe, and that a person or spirit who claims to be the Devil, or a demon, or a servant under control of the Devil, has cut themself off from receiving power directly from the One Source. Their power is never as great as your own when you are aware that you have unlimited power because of your Oneness with the One Source, especially when you ask to receive that power. Deriving your power directly from the One Source, you have access to the greatest possible power and are immune from attack by such dark-side actors and pretenders.

Of course even those who claim to be on the dark side are in reality One with Source — the Pure Awareness — all the time, but when we consciously draw on that Source power, we are stronger than anyone who insists their power comes from themself or from some greater being “on the dark side” like the Devil.

In fact, if you are aware of being One with the One Source and draw on its power, you are more resistant to all kinds of attack, not only from those who want to cause you suffering and send you energetic “darts” of vengeance, but also from neutral entities like microbes, parasites, and spirit intrusions that are just trying to make a living and bear you no ill will. This awareness of your Oneness with Source even helps you resist and manage your own self-destructive tendencies.

Exercise to Be One with Source and Call on its Power

How do you call on the power of the One Source? Allow yourself to form a concept of a highest light and a highest love in the Universe. This is an aspect of creation that exists — by definition, because if there are degrees of light and degrees of love in the Universe, which no one would dispute, there must be a highest light and a highest love. Ask to receive power from this highest light and highest love and allow yourself to receive, visualize and feel it. 

When the field of your inner experience begins to become lighter, don’t worry that you are only imagining it. Mystics and saints through the ages have known that imagination is a sacred faculty that allows us to connect with the divine. For the poet William Blake, imagination was “nothing less than God as he operates in the human soul.” At her trial for heresy, when her Inquisitors asked Joan of Arc if her messages from God might have simply been her imagination, she answered, “It was my imagination because that is the way God speaks to me.” And from Teresa of Avila: “God is not the product of imagination, but it is through imagination that God becomes present.”

Remember that whatever you are experiencing as “the dark side” is also in your imagination. No matter how great a hold you believe the dark side has on you, it is actually nothing but a set of thought forms. If you fill your imagination with the greatest power, the highest light and the highest love, your power will be stronger than the power of any lesser “dark” being. These lesser beings do not acknowledge, and therefore cannot receive power from, the One Source. As you hold that highest power in your imagination, letting its energy penetrate into your body to make itself known, the negative energies and thought forms evaporate like moisture in the sun.

Don’t fool yourself that you don’t deserve, or are incapable of receiving, that highest power. It rejects nothing and no one. By definition, it encompasses All-That-Is. It encompasses you and everyone you love. It also encompasses every sinner, every “lost soul,” and every spirit of destruction and hatred. These unfortunate beings, in which the light of All is dimmed, have simply refused to receive it. 

It’s not complicated to visualize that you are One with that very highest light and love. As you think of it, imagining it, you experience it, and recognize that this, that you’re experiencing, is something real. 

This is part of your own essence. This is your birthright. As discussed in Blog #1, throughout your life you made yourself smaller every time you tried to define yourself as something less than the All — as only your mind-body and not the outside world, or as only your mind and not your body, or as only the part of your mind you think is “good” and not your repressed emotions, thoughts and impulses. You gave up big parts of your light and love, projecting the power that is yours by right onto an “outside world,” an angry “them” bristling with the power you gave up in your failed effort to become “good enough.”

You thought you needed an “identity” to define you to yourself. You thought that otherwise you would be “nothing,” that you would not exist. But now you know that your true identity is All-That-Is.

You can read through the following instructions to get the general idea and then take yourself through the process of becoming One with Source and calling on its power by memory, or you can listen to the following guided mediation here:

Guided Meditation to Be One with Source and Call on its Power

Think of an aspect of your life you habitually react to with negative emotion, such as fear, anger, grief, disgust, shame, envy, jealousy, indignation, distaste, disapproval, and so on.

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down and take a few deep breaths . . . in . . . and out . . . , and again, in . . . and out . . . , all the way out . . . , and in . . . and out . . . . 

Form an intention to merge with the Highest Light and Highest Love in the Universe and receive its power. Ask that it moderate its brightness and intensity to your capacity to receive it, so that it enlivens, but does not destroy, you.

Expand your awareness out into the Cosmos. Let yourself float freely past solar systems and galaxies, giant suns and spinning rocky asteroids, through clouds of nebulae. Notice the beauty of the diamond-like stars and the deep, dark spaces in between, . . . and Imagine your body as a giant constellation, extending millions of miles through space, made up of stars and galaxies, home to whizzing comets, whirling planets, colliding stars, and saucer-shaped space crafts manned by alien beings.

Listen to the silence out here in space, with no atmosphere to carry sound, and feel the monumental presence of populous galaxies, slowly and majestically revolving as they progress through their designated rounds.

Notice that a new sense is awakening in your consciousness, through which you detect the chorusing of the galaxies, the distant ringing of far, lonesome stars.

And now, you feel a slight shift in your awareness and another sense awakens, a sense of presence allowing you to become aware of intelligent personalities sharing these spaces with you — great, slow beings with ponderous, deep voices, flitting, misty fairy-like beings trilling and darting like hummingbirds, human and animal faces fading in and out of view showing expressions of laughter, grief, despair, amusement, interest, surprise, fear, disappointment, blithe happiness, disapproval, pride, engaging friendliness, kindness, and every emotion known to man. 

Occasionally one of these faces sweeps in closely, as though to check you out or convey a message, but they go by too fast for you to understand the meaning of their words and gestures.

Some of these beings are tiny, like small birds, some as big as mountains. Some dart and whiz about, some seem to float, and others approach haltingly as though in pain. Some remind you of innocent babies in the arms of kind mothers, and some are ancient and faded, hobbling and lurching with an air of defeat. Some are dark, misshapen, others well-defined and shining brightly. Some of these airy beings are transparent, not even seeming to notice that other beings are passing through their bodies as if they weren’t there. These are spirits.

You have shifted into an altered, dreamlike state of consciousness, where you see improbable sights and hear strange sounds and voices speaking, imparting meanings you can feel but not explain.

Take a moment to realize that all these beings populating space are like dreams, the kind of dreams that neither scare nor entice, but simply float through your awareness in a matter-of-fact, non-threatening way. They’re like old friends and family, aunts and uncles and cousins you know well and take for granted. You feel at home with them. They are all spirits.

A voice announces, “The light is coming up.” And indeed, everything starts to get brighter. It’s a pure white light, expanding to encompass everything, . . . brighter and brighter, obscuring the faces and forms of the spirits, filling your vision, filling your body, filling your mind, until you can be aware of nothing but this light. 

It keeps growing until you feel you may dissolve within it at any moment — a feeling of joyous surrender, a fitting culmination of your entire life’s journey. You are willing to let go. But you remember your intention, that the light enliven, but not destroy you, and a soothing wave of comfort sweeps over you, as you relax into a sense of love and safety. You are fully accepted here. It is where you belong. This is a power that means you only well. 

All resistances dissolve and your body opens as the energies of Light and Love begin to move in, first through the top of your head, absorbing into the bones of your skull and filtering into the tissues of your brain, filling it with brightness and a sense of joyful clarity. . . .

The light moves down now, into your spine, strengthening it to protect your spinal cord, and absorbing into your bones — your shoulder bones, collar bones, chest bones, rib bones, arm bones, wrist bones, hand bones, pelvic bones, tail bones, leg bones, ankle bones, foot bones, and toe bones, providing support and protection for your entire body, 

From your spinal cord through your spine, the light rushes out through your spinal nerves into the organs of your body, . . . the back of your throat and your tongue, your heart, and lungs, lymph nodes, blood vessels, spleen, liver, gallbladder kidneys, stomach, intestines, pancreas, bladder, and reproductive organs.

With this highest light, riding on it, melding in with its harmonious vibration, are the energies of love, pulsing softly within your muscles, the muscles of your scalp and face and back and chest and arms and legs and feet and hands, as you relax and allow their gentle impulses to flow along and through, settling, comforting, refreshing . . . . 

And these highest vibrations of light and love flow sensitively into your organs of sight, your eyes, and your ears, and nose, and tongue, and the sensors on your skin, and into the cells and fibers within your body that feel, and signal their feelings, throughout your entire organism.

You are filled and thrilled with an ecstasy of love and light as you now open your eyes and envision the beautiful energies that have now fully occupied your body, beginning to radiate outward from your eyes to the objects you see around you, penetrating and awakening each single thing in your sight. 

You relax more fully and your newly enlivened ears open wide, making space to receive the sound vibrations emanating from every moving thing in your environment. Your nostrils relax and open, making space to receive the tendrils of scent drifting gently inside, osmosing into the tissues of your nose and lungs with your breath, bearing intimate messages from the varied substances that sent them. Your tongue, enlivened by the scents, anticipates the tastes of tart and sweet and salt and bitter, with total love and acceptance, welcoming the nourishment to come.

The world around you is here to love and serve you — as you are here to love and serve it in return. The world is full of creatures like you who love and serve the world, your companions, your brothers and sisters, delighting in the energies of light and love that continually flow between and through each one.

And close your eyes now again.

Bring to mind the aspect of life to which you have typically, in the past, reacted with negative emotion — the person, object, or situation you thought of at the beginning of this meditation. And visualize a great transparent bubble enclosing it, the biggest floating soap bubble you’ve ever seen, with rainbows in its outer surface, and inside it, that thing that always upset you when you thought about it. You don’t see it clearly. The reflections on the soap bubble interfere. And don’t worry, the bubble won’t burst. Since this is your imagination, you can instruct it not to burst . . . until and unless you decide to tell it to.

As you watch, the bubble floats closer and begins to rotate before your eyes, allowing you to make out, dimly, a few, varied aspects of the object, situation or person inside. However, its vibrations don’t reach you through the bubble, . . . and, still overflowing with the highest love and light compatible with your physical being, you feel strong and comfortable. 

You are merged with the highest light and highest love, at One with Source, and you have every right and rightful ability to draw upon the power of Source. Do that now.

Call upon the power of Source to be with you as you deal with the bubble of unpleasantness that has arrived before you. Say, “I call upon the power of Source to transform the energies of this bubble,” and feel its strength and resolve flow into and your body and mind until you are full. You feel so strong you want to jump for joy. But don’t do it . . . yet. You need this power to deal with what’s inside the bubble.

Be still for a long moment, feeling the power and allowing it to tune itself to the person, situation or object inside the bubble so that it can act to transform and harmonize those energies to make them compatible with and acceptable to you and your energies. . . .

Now, with your elbows touching your sides, place your hands in front of your chest, partially cupped as if to receive a volley ball, and command the bubble containing the thing you dislike to shrink as much as it needs to in order to come and float in between your cupped hands without touching them. 

Now allow the power of Source to flow through your hands into the bubble. Feel this harmonizing, clarifying force flow through you, aware of it as an inexhaustible universal force of love and light. 

Notice changes taking place inside the bubble, as the reflections on its walls clear to let you see the things inside in sharp definition. Watch carefully and notice what happens as the power of Source flows into the bubble, bringing light and order to every part of the persons, objects and situations within. 

If there were humans with contorted, hateful expressions and aggressive postures, they relax, and their faces reflect new understandings brought in by the harmonizing, optimizing power of Source. If there were frightening animals, machines, insects or other noxious things, they become calm and docile. If there were violent, forces and actions in play, they slow to a graceful, deliberate dance. Muddy colors separate and clarify. Misty edges sharpen. Tangles unwind and straighten out. Objects nestle together, or separate, in concert, making room for each other to settle into a lovely and congenial configuration in which each separate part is respected and welcome.

When all has settled and harmonized within the bubble, ask for the walls of the bubble to disappear and the scene inside to float into a position in your environment that feels comfortable to you.

Check yourself and how you feel. Is there something you want to express to the persons, situations or objects that were in the bubble — such as forgiveness, affection, interest, apology, welcome, or any other message that will bring reconciliation and closure to both of you? If so, let that be expressed now, out loud if appropriate, and notice any reciprocal response.

When you feel ready, stretch a bit, wiggle your fingers and toes, and get ready to open your eyes. . . .

Open your eyes, and congratulate yourself on what you learned: to experience your Oneness with Source, to call on and receive the power of Source, and to transform negativity with that power.

You can call on the power of Source any time. From now on, you need have no fear of the “powers of darkness” or the thought forms and emotions you have repressed because of negative self judgments.

Thank you for participating in this imaginal journey to call upon the power of Source. The more we bring in this power and use it to transform negativity in our world, the happier and more peaceful a world we’ll have to live in. 



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